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KantanAI Partner Programmes

We know you need more than just software. You need the power of a network. A network of experts, practitioners, solution providers and thought leaders.

With the KantanMT Partner Programs you can plug into this ecosystem and get the insights, best practices, solutions and advice you need to get to the results you want — fast.

There are two KantanMT Partner Programs :-

  • Developer Partner – The program supports partners interested in building integrated soutions with KantanMT.com technologies
  • University Partners – The KantanMT University Program provides students with the knowledge, expertise and resources to help prepare for a career within the translation industry.
  • Preferred MT Supplier – This program is open to all LSPs and enterprise and offers a number of benefits which will help strengthen their presence within the worldwide translation supply chain, especially in the use of SMT technologies.
  • Industry Associations – KantanMT believes strategic partnerships and relationships within industry are key drivers for building a complete ecosystem and support network that will power the machine translation revolution.

Everything you need to drive your localization process for global growth

Translation adds complexity to a developer’s environment. The value of automated machine translation is that it takes the complexity out of translation. After the initial setup, you will be able to focus on what counts - making your products smarter and your customer experiences more exceptional.

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